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Title: Górny Śląsk jako problem polityczny - spojrzenie socjologiczne
Authors: Wódz, Jacek
Keywords: political identity; cultural identity; Upper Silesia; tożsamość polityczna; tożsamość kulturowa; Górny Śląsk
Issue Date: 2010
Citation: "Górnośląskie Studia Socjologiczne" Nr 1 (2010), s. 34-52.
Abstract: The author describes those aspects of cultural identity which are connected with political identity creation in Upper Silesia. He is interested in regional re-vindications and asks how Silesian cultural and social specificity influences its political identity. He analyses a “special case” of Upper Silesia from an anthropology of politics and sociology of politics perspectives. He indicates those elements of social and cultural life which are the evidence of Silesian uniqueness. Analyzing a special character of Upper Silesia, the author finds its territorial range settlement very difficult. He writes about two important consequences of a strong Silesian cultural identity: first of them is the return to autonomy idea, the second is the acceptance of Silesian nationality as unique. He also mentions “foundation myth” that reinforces Upper Silesian identity. The essence of Silesian exceptionality is considered opposed national and EU politics. The author claims that the consequences of national politics, as well as European Union politics are visible in Silesians’ activity, i.e.: efforts driving to the Silesians association registration, strengthening the sense of Silesians’ cultural separateness (with no political projects), new model of Silesian identity creation, intensive work in identity myth creation. In conclusion, the author puts forward some proposals connected with Silesian Voivodeship status regulations. He writes about Belgian, Spanish and British solutions and postulates the implementation of a new decentralization model: “a variable geometry decentralization”.
ISSN: 0072-5013
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