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Title: Plastid differentiation during microgametogenesis determines green plant regeneration in barley microspore culture
Authors: Gajecka, Monika
Marzec, Marek
Chmielewska, Beata
Jelonek, Janusz
Zbieszczyk, Justyna
Szarejko, Iwona
Keywords: Albinism; Amyloplast; Androgenesis; Doubled haploids; Hordeum vulgare; Pollen grain development; Starch synthesis
Issue Date: 2020
Citation: Plant Science, 2020, vol. 291, art. no. 110321, p. 1-13
Abstract: Developing plants from in vitro culture of microspores or immature pollen grains (androgenesis) is a highly genotype-dependent process whose effectiveness in cereals is significantly reduced by occurrence of albino regenerants. Here, we examined a hypothesis that the molecular differentiation of plastids in barley microspores prior to in vitro culture affects the genotype ability to regenerate green plants in culture. At the mid-to-late uninucleate (ML) stage, routinely used to initiate microspore culture, the expression of most genes involved in plastid transcription, translation and starch synthesis was significantly higher in microspores of barley cv. ‘Mercada’ producing 90% albino regenerants, than in cv. ‘Jersey’ that developed 90% green regenerants. The ML microspores of cv. ‘Mercada’ contained a large proportion of amyloplasts filled with starch, while in cv. ‘Jersey’ there were only proplastids. Using additional spring barley genotypes that differed in their ability to regenerate green plants we confirmed the correlation between plastid differentiation prior to culture and albino regeneration in culture. The expression of GBSSI gene (Granule-bound starch synthaseI) in early-mid (EM) microspores was a good marker of a genotype potential to produce green regenerants during androgenesis. Initiating culture from EM microspores that significantly improved regeneration of green plants may overcome the problem of albinism.
DOI: 10.1016/j.plantsci.2019.110321
ISSN: 0168-9452
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