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Title: El amor conyugal y su relevancia en el ambito canonico de la epoca postconsiliar : unas reflexiones en cuanto a la doctrina canonica polaca
Authors: Ryguła, Piotr
Keywords: Miłość małżeńska; Małżeństwo kanoniczne; Nieważność małżeństwa kanonicznego; Marital love; Canonical (form of) marriage; Nullity of marriage in the Catholic Church
Issue Date: 2011
Citation: Śląskie Studia Historyczno-Teologiczne, 2011, z. 2, s. 607-616
Abstract: The article undertakes the topic of marital love and its significance in postconciliar canon law. There are some canonists who maintain that this kind of love (or the lack of it) flows into the legal validity of canonical marriage. The article focuses in principle on Polish doctrine of the subject. After outlining the basic ideas of the Second Vatican Council on conjugal love, the author of the article moves to an analysis of the writings of Polish canonists and theologians. Among them, he enumerates and analyses the texts of Z. Grocholewski, W. Góralski, J. Laskowski, T. Pawluk, E. Sztafrowski, K. Wojtyła, M. Żurawski. It seems that diverse opinions about the influence of marital love on the validity of canonical marriage flow from the differences in understanding of love itself, what produces the different valuation of the mentioned influence. In general terms, the impact of love on canon law formulations is greater in authors who underline the element of will in love. To the contrary, authors who underline the less precise emotional side of love are not willing to attribute to it greater juridical meaning and, consequently, its possible impact on the validity of marriage.
ISSN: 0137-3447
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