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Title: Quality assessment of DEM derived from topographic maps for geomorphometric purposes
Authors: Szypuła, Bartłomiej
Keywords: DEM; LiDAR; Quality assessment; Geomorphometry; Silesian Upland; ArcGIS
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: Open Geosciences, 2019, vol. 11, p. 843–865
Abstract: Digital elevation models (DEMs) play a significant role in geomorphological research. For geomorphologists reconstructing landform and drainage structure is frequently as important as elevation accuracy. Consequently, large-scale topographic maps (with contours, height points and watercourses) constitute excellent material for creating models (here called Topo-DEM) in fine resolution. The purpose of the conducted analyses was to assess the quality of Topo-DEM against freely-available globalDEMs and then to compare it with a reference model derived from laser scanning (LiDAR-DEM). The analysis also involved derivative maps of geomorphometric parameters (local relief, slope, curvature, aspect) generated on the basis of Topo-DEM and LiDAR-DEM. Moreover, comparative classification of landforms was carried out. It was indicated that Topo-DEM is characterised by good elevation accuracy (RMSE <2 m) and reflects the topography of the analyzed area surprisingly well. Additionally, statistical and percentage metrics confirm that it is possible to generate a DEM with very good quality parameters on the basis of a large-scale topographic map (1:10,000): elevation differences between Topo-DEM and: 1) topographic map amounted from−1.68 to +2.06 m,MAEis 0.10 m, RMSE 0.16 m; 2) LiDAR-DEM (MAE 1.13 m, RMSE 1.69 m, SD 1.83 m); 3) GPS RTK measurements amounted from−3.6 to +3.01 m, MAE is 0.72 m, RMSE 0.97 m, SD 0.97 m. For an area of several dozen km2 Topo-DEM with 10×10 m resolution proved more efficient than detailed (1×1 m) LiDAR-DEM.
DOI: 10.1515/geo-2019-0066
ISSN: 2391-5447
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