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Title: Kształtowanie umiejętności społecznych w relacji komunikacyjnej dziecko-dorosły (uczeń-nauczyciel) w kontekście teorii uczenia się
Authors: Suchodolska, Jolanta
Keywords: kompetencje społeczne; komunikacja interpersonalna; teoria modelowania społecznego A. Bandury
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: Toruń : Wydawnictwo Adam Marszałek
Citation: D. Wosik-Kawala (red.), "Komunikacja i edukacja : ku synergiczności porozumiewania się" (S. 96-106). Toruń : Wydawnictwo Adam Marszałek
Series/Report no.: Edukacja Międzykulturowa;
Abstract: Learning social behavioural patterns is essentially, for every young person, learning from Others. Particularly, in cases of little children, but also very oft en of adolescents, the process follows the rule of imitating reactions, behavior, and of the way one elicits information. All this takes place through imitation and observation, and the process is called modeling. Th e role models are mostly people from child’s environment, the ones accepted unconditionally and considered to be somehow signifi cant, or the ones with whom the contact is perceived as attractive. Th e author focuses her attention on the issue of learning social behavior via modeling as well as the roles important people/models (not only parents but teachers and caregivers in particular) play in the process of such defi ned education. Th is type of education should prepare a young person to communicate with the world (both of information, as well as with a complex world of social interactions).
ISBN: 978-83-7611-643-3
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