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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Dendrochronological records of debris flow and avalanche activity in a mid-mountain forest zone (Eastern sudetes - Central Europe)Malik, Ireneusz; Owczarek, Piotr
2018Dendrochronological dating as the basis for developing a landslide hazard map – An example from the Western Carpathians, PolandŁuszczyńska, Katarzyna; Wistuba, Małgorzata; Malik, Ireneusz; Krąpiec, Marek; Szypuła, Bartłomiej
2018Reductions in tree-ring widths of silver fir (Abies alba Mill.) as an indicator of air pollution in southern PolandŁuszczyńska, Katarzyna; Wistuba, Małgorzata; Malik, Ireneusz
2017Współczesne wykorzystanie przez bobra europejskiego Castor fiber antropogenicznie przekształconych dolin rzecznych (przykłady z Równiny Opolskiej i Wyżyny Woźnicko-Wieluńskiej)Fajer, Maria; Malik, Ireneusz; Waga, Jan M.; Wistuba, Małgorzata; Woskowicz-Ślęzak, Beata
2013Human-planted alder trees as a protection against debris flows (a dendrochronological study from the Moxi Basin, Southwestern China)Malik, Ireneusz; Tie, Yongbo; Owczarek, Piotr; Wistuba, Małgorzata; Pilorz, Wojciech; Woskowicz-Ślęzak, Beata
2019Historical Reconstruction of the Scarcely Recognized Metallurgical Activity in PolandRutkiewicz, Paweł; Malik, Ireneusz
2012Scots pine (pinus sylvestris L.) growth suppression and adverse effects on human health due to air pollution in the upper Silesian Industrial District (USID), southern PolandMalik, Ireneusz; Danek, M.; Marchwińska-Wyrwał, E.; Danek, T.; Wistuba, Małgorzata; Krąpiec, M.
2018Geomorphological conditions of the location historical ironworks. A contribution to the research based on DEM analysis from LIDAR dataRutkiewicz, Paweł; Malik, Ireneusz
2015Historical water-powered ferrous metallurgy reconstructed from tree-rings and lacustrine deposits (Mała Panew basin, southern Poland)Malik, Ireneusz; Wistuba, Małgorzata; Opała, Magdalena; Franek, Monika; Woskowicz-Ślęzak, Beata; Mańczyk, Gerard; Tyrol, Czesław
2016Activity of slow-moving landslides recorded in eccentric tree rings of Norway spruce rrees (Picea Abies Karst.) - an example from the Kamienne MTS. (Sudetes MTS., Central EuropeMalik, Ireneusz; Wistuba, Małgorzata; Migoń, Piotr; Fajer, Maria