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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Chromosome identification and reconstruction of evolutionary rearrangements in Brachypodium distachyon, B. stacei and B. hybridumŁusińska, Joanna; Majka, Joanna; Betekhtin, Alexander; Susek, Karolina; Wolny, Elżbieta; Hasterok, Robert
2017Epigenetics of the preferential silencing of Brachypodium stacei-originated 35S rDNA loci in the allotetraploid grass Brachypodium hybridumBorowska-Żuchowska, Natalia; Hasterok, Robert
2016Cytomolecular analysis of ribosomal DNA evolution in a natural allotetraploid brachypodium hybridum and its putative ancestors - dissecting complex repetitive structure of intergenic spacersBorowska-Żuchowska, Natalia; Kwaśniewski, Mirosław; Hasterok, Robert
2016Recreating stable Brachypodium hybridum allotetraploids by uniting the divergent genomes of B. distachyon and B. staceiThi, Vinh Ha Dinh; Coriton, Olivier; Le Clainche, Isabelle; Arnaud, Dominique; Gordon, Sean P.; Linc, Gabriella; Catalan, Pilar; Hasterok, Robert; Vogel, John P.; Jahier, Joseph; Chalhoub, Boulos
2019Ribosomal DNA loci derived from Brachypodium stacei are switched off for major parts of the life cycle of Brachypodium hybridumBorowska-Żuchowska, Natalia; Robaszkiewicz, Ewa; Wolny, Elżbieta; Betekhtin, Alexander; Hasterok, Robert
2020A CRISPR/Cas9-Based Mutagenesis Protocol for Brachypodium distachyon and Its Allopolyploid Relative, Brachypodium hybridumHus, Karolina; Betekhtin, Alexander; Pinski, Artur; Rojek-Jelonek, Magdalena; Grzebelus, Ewa; Nibau, Candida; Gao, Mingjun; Jaeger, Katja E.; Jenkins, Glyn; Doonan, John H.; Hasterok, Robert
7-Jun-2020The fate of 35S rRNA genes in the allotetraploid grass Brachypodium hybridumBorowska-Żuchowska, Natalia; Kovarik, Ales; Robaszkiewicz, Ewa; Tuna, Metin; Tuna, Gulsemin Savas; Gordon, Sean; Vogel, John P.; Hasterok, Robert