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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Flower palate ultrastructure of the carnivorous plant Genlisea hispidula Stapf with remarks on the structure and function of the palate in the subgenus Genlisea (Lentibulariaceae)Płachno, Bartosz J.; Świątek, Piotr; Stpiczyńska, Małgorzata; Miranda, Vitor Fernandes Oliveira
2018Nectar trichome structure of aquatic bladderworts from the section Utricularia (Lentibulariaceae) with observation of flower visitors and pollinatorsPłachno, Bartosz J.; Stpiczyńska, Małgorzata; Adamec, Lubomir; Miranda, Vitor Fernandes Oliveira; Świątek, Piotr
2017Immunodetection of some pectic, arabinogalactan proteins and hemicellulose epitopes in the micropylar transmitting tissue of apomictic dandelions (Taraxacum, Asteraceae, Lactuceae)Gawecki, Robert; Sala, Katarzyna; Kurczyńska, Ewa; Świątek, Piotr; Płachno, Bartosz J.
2017Integument cell gelatinisation - the fate of the integumentary cells in Hieracium and Pilosella (Asteraceae)Płachno, Bartosz J.; Świątek, Piotr; Kozieradzka-Kiszkurno, Małgorzata; Szeląg, Zbigniew; Stolarczyk, Piotr
2017Floral ultrastructure of two Brazilian aquatic-epiphytic bladderworts : utricularia cornigera Studnicka and U. nelumbifolia Gardner (Lentibulariaceae)Płachno, Bartosz J.; Stpiczyńska, Małgorzata; Davies, Kevin L.; Świątek, Piotr; de Miranda, Vitor Fernandes Oliveira
2019The Trap Architecture of Utricularia multifida and Utricularia westonii (subg. Polypompholyx)Płachno, Bartosz J.; Świątek, Piotr; Adamec, Lubomir; Carvalho, Samanta; Miranda, Vitor F. O.
2019The reproductive system of the male and oviparous female of a model organism— the pea aphid, Acyrthosiphon pisum (Hemiptera, Aphididae)Wieczorek, Karina; Kanturski, Mariusz; Sempruch, Cezary; Świątek, Piotr
2019The Structure and Occurrence of a Velum in Utricularia Traps (Lentibulariaceae)Płachno, Bartosz J.; Świątek, Piotr; Miranda, Vitor F. O.; Stolarczyk, Piotr
2016Analysis of the cytoskeleton organization and its possible functions in male earthworm germ-line cysts equipped with a cytophoreMałota, Karol; Świątek, Piotr
2017Flower palate structure of the aquatic bladderworts Utricularia bremii Heer and U. minor L. from section Utricularia (Lentibulariaceae)Płachno, Bartosz J.; Stpiczyńska, Małgorzata; Krajewski, Łukasz; Świątek, Piotr; Adamec, Lubomir; Miranda, Vitor Fernandes Oliveira