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Title: Teachers' preparation for work in the environment of multiculturalism - a research report
Authors: Szczurek-Boruta, Alina
Keywords: teacher; perception of the Other/different learner in class; concepts of teacher education
Issue Date: 2012
Citation: "The New Educational Review" No 2 (2012), s. 167-176
Abstract: Th e world is constantly becoming more multicultural in the sense of positive coexistence of dissimilarities. Contemporary teachers live and work in multicultural communities – are they properly prepared for new work conditions? In this study the examined issues will be limited to those which seem most likely to provide chances for successful preparation of teachers for proper implementation of the assumptions of intercultural education. To a certain extent, they are signifi cant issues and problems in teacher training in general, partially they concern training which enhances intercultural education. What becomes an important issue in this context is the search for a model/models of teacher education as well as indicating the competences the acquisition of which will enable teachers to successfully participate in the life of their own and many other communities.
ISSN: 1732-6729
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