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Title: Ekologiczne i rekreacyjno-turystyczne funkcje małych zbiorników antropogenicznych w krajobrazach poprzemysłowych
Authors: Rahmonov, Oimahmad
Szczypek, Tadeusz
Pirozhnik, Ivan I.
Keywords: antropopresja; zbiorniki wodne; stawy; Mała Panew; zbiornik Zielona; roślinność wodna; funkcje ekologiczne zbiorników wodnych; bioróżnorodność; rekreacja i turystyka
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: ”Acta Geographica Silesiana” T. 13, Nr 4 (2019), s. 13-25
Abstract: The object of the investigation is a small water reservoir Zielona located in the northern part of the Silesian Upland. This region until recently was one of the most indu-strialized areas of Poland. Reservoir Zielona origin dated in mid of XIII or XIV century in Mala Panew river chan-nel as result of bog ores exploitation. Over the last centuries, he has changed his shape and size and played va-rious functions. In the mid-twentieth century (early 1960s) it was created a new, because it was completely over-grown and silted. Ten years later (early 1970s), a dam on the Mała Panew river was built above it and another re-tention reservoir was built. At that time, both of reservoirs from the beginning of their existence had a recreatio-nal function, despite the lack of recreational infrastructure, in the industrial zone of the northern part of the Sile-sian Upland. At present, after the political transformation and economic changes, this area is not of an industrial character. Both reservoirs are mainly surrounded by pine forests, play important recreational and an important ecological role and contribute to a significant increasing of biodiversity. After several decades since the creation, the reservoirs overgrowing again quite intensively, and within them can be distinguished vegetation belts: coastal wo-ody and shrub vegetation, coastal rushes, reed, floating-leaf plants with different density.
ISSN: 1897–5100
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