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Title: Glaciers as an important element of the World Glacier Monitoring implemented in Svalbard
Authors: Lehmann‐Konera, Sara
Ruman, Marek
Kozioł, Krystyna
Gajek, Grzegorz
Polkowska, Żaneta
Keywords: Glacial catchments; Anthropogenic pollutants; Glacier mass balance; Polar ecosystems
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: [Rijeka] : Intech Open
Citation: Danilo Godone (red.), "Glacier Evolution in a Changing World" (S. 1-36). [Rijeka] : Intech Open
Abstract: Glaciers are not only contributors to the sea level rise but also important players in the circulation of pollutants. Over a billion people apply glacial waters for domestic purposes; hence, both the quality and quantity of this water should be monitored. In this chapter, we concentrate on the archipelago Svalbard in the Arctic, a typical target area for xenobiotics from long range atmospheric transport (LRAT), holding an important share of the Arctic glacial ice cover. Literature review has been conducted over both the cryospheric metrics and the achievements of analytical chemistry in the environmental monitoring. Svalbard is a relatively well-monitored part of the Arctic, with 17 glaciers regularly monitored for mass balance. In the chemical records of glaciers, a variety of substances have been determined, e.g., ions, heavy metals, or persistent organic pollutants (POPs), with the use of precise analytical techniques. However, knowledge gaps persist, preventing a formation of a reliable chemical inventory of Svalbard glaciers. Moreover, detailed studies on the deposition and transport of pollutants, rather than focusing on their presence only, are crucial future research recommendations.
DOI: 10.5772/69237
ISBN: 978-953-51-3544-9
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