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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Crinoids from the Ouarsenis Massif (Algeria) fill the Lower Cretaceous (Berriasian and Valanginian) gap of northern AfricaBenyoucef, Madani; Ferré, Bruno; Płachno, Bartosz J.; Bouchemla, Imad; Salomon, Mariusz Andrzej
2022The effect of DC electric field on the elongation growth, proton extrusion and membrane potential of Zea mays L. coleoptile cells; a laboratory studyKarcz, Waldemar; Burdach, Zbigniew
2020Dependences between certain petrographic, geochemical and technological indicators of coal quality in the limnic series of the Upper Silesian Coal Basin (USCB), PolandParzentny, Henryk R.; Róg, Leokadia
2019Methane emissions in selected hard-coal mines of the Upper Silesian Coal Basin in 1997-2016Dreger, Marcin
2020Initial assessment of variability in the modes of occurrence of some trace elements in coal seams with vertical profiles in the Upper Silesian Coal Basin in PolandParzentny, Henryk R.; Róg, Leokadia
20-Jul-2022Burial and thermal history of the eastern transform boundary of the Central Western Carpathians based on 1D basin modellingZielińska, Magdalena; Jirman, Petr; Gedl, Przemysław; Botor, Dariusz
2021Temporal Variability of Equivalent Black Carbon Components in Atmospheric Air in Southern PolandZioła, Natalia; Błaszczak, Barbara; Klejnowski, Krzysztof
2021X-ray diffraction studies of onshore mud volcanoes in parts of the Upper Benue Trough, northeastern NigeriaMusa, Ojochenemi K.; Kurowska, Ewa E.; Krzykawski, Tomasz; Onimisi, Jimoh A.
2019Analysis of selected malignant tumours in Bielsko-Biala in the year 2015Góra, Dariusz
2022Soil seed bank responses to edge effects in temperate European forestsGasperini, Cristina; Bollmann, Kurt; Brunet, Jörg; Cousins, Sara A. O.; Orczewska, Anna; Decocq, Guillaume; De Pauw, Karen; Diekmann, Martin; Govaert, Sanne; Graae, Bente J.; Hedwall, Per-Ola; Iacopetti, Giovanni; Lenoir, Jonathan; Lindmo, Sigrid; Meeussen, Camille; Ponette, Quentin; Plue, Jan; Sanczuk, Pieter; Spicher, Fabien; Vanneste, Thomas; Vangansbeke, Pieter; Zellweger, Florian; Selvi, Federico; De Frenne, Pieter
2022Fungal genetic biodiversity and metabolic activity as an indicator of potential biological weathering and soil formation – Case study of towards a better understanding of Earth system dynamicsGałązka, Anna; Marzec-Grządziel, Anna; Grządziel, Jarosław; Varsadiya, Milan; Pawlik, Łukasz
2022Artichoke Leaf Extract-Mediated Neuroprotection against Effects of Aflatoxin in Male RatsIbrahim, Enas A.; Yousef, Mokhtar I.; Ghareeb, Doaa A.; Augustyniak, Maria; Giesy, John P.; Aboul-soud, Mourad A. M.; El Wakil, Abeer
2022Multi-method geophysical mapping of ground properties and periglacial geomorphology in Hans Glacier forefield, SW SpitsbergenMarciniak, Artur; Osuch, Marzena; Wawrzyniak, Tomasz; Owoc, Bartosz; Dobiński, Wojciech; Glazer, Michał; Majdański, Mariusz
2022Plant Biomechanics - A Natural Transition from Molecular to Organ ScaleKwiatkowska, Dorota; Burian, Agata
2022Characterization of Catechol-1,2-Dioxygenase (Acdo1p) From Blastobotrys raffinosifermentans and Investigation of Its Role in the Catabolism of Aromatic CompoundsMeier, Anna; Worch, Sebastian; Hartmann, Anja; Marzec, Marek; Mock, Hans-Peter; Bode, Rüdiger; Kunze, Gotthard; Matthes, Falko
2022Post-Extraction Novel Ecosystems Support Plant and Vegetation Diversity in Urban-Industrial LandscapesWoźniak, Gabriela; Chmura, Damian; Nowak, Teresa; Bacler-Żbikowska, Barbara; Besenyei, Lynn; Hutniczak, Agnieszka
2022Do national parks protect natural landscapes?Myga-Piątek, Urszula; Sobala, Michał; Szypuła, Bartłomiej
2022Outline of Fungi and fungus-like taxa – 2021Wijayawardene, N. N.; Hyde, K. D.; Dai, D. Q.; Sanchez-Garcia, M.; Goto, B. T.; Magurno, Franco
2022An awkward contaminant : are mercury concentrations in historically collected fossils a result of storage conditions?Surmik, Dawid; Cabała, Jerzy; Balin, Katarzyna; Szade, Jacek
2021Tetrapod swim techniques interpreted from swim trace fossils from the Lower Triassic Baranów Formation, Holy Cross Mountains, central PolandSadlok, Grzegorz; Pawełczyk, Krzysztof
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 2539