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Title: Organic Pollution in Surface Waters from the Fuglebekken Basin in Svalbard, Norwegian Arctic
Authors: Polkowska, Żaneta
Cichała-Kamrowska, Katarzyna
Ruman, Marek
Kozioł, Krystyna
Krawczyk, Wiesława
Namieśnik, Jacek
Keywords: polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons; polychlorinated biphenyls; surface waters; Fuglebekken basin; Svalbard; Norwegian Arctic
Issue Date: 2011
Citation: Sensors, Vol. 11, iss. 9 (2011), s. 8910-8929
Abstract: The Fuglebekken basin is situated in the southern part of the island of Spitsbergen (Norwegian Arctic), on the Hornsund fjord (Wedel Jarlsberg Land). Surface water was collected from 24 tributaries (B1–B24) and from the main stream water in the Fuglebekken basin (25) between 10 July 2009 and 30 July 2009. The present investigation reveals the results of the analysis of these samples for their PAH and PCB content. Twelve of 16 PAHs and seven PCBs were determined in the surface waters from 24 tributaries and the main stream. Total PAH and PCB concentrations in the surface waters ranged from 4 to 600 ng/L and from 2 to 400 ng/L respectively. The highest concentrations of an individual PCB (138–308 ng/L and 123 ng/L) were found in samples from tributaries B9 and B5. The presence in the basin (thousands of kilometres distant from industrial centres) of PAHs and PCBs is testimony to the fact that these compounds are transported over vast distances with air masses and deposited in regions devoid of any human pressure.
DOI: 10.3390/s110908910
ISSN: 1424-8220
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