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Title: Patriarchat i patriarchowie Seleucji-Ktezyfontu : z dziejów starożytnego Kościoła w Persji
Authors: Uciecha, Andrzej
Keywords: Persian Church; Oriental Orthodox Church
Issue Date: 2012
Citation: Vox Patrum, T. 58 (2012), s. 49-58
Abstract: The Ancient Persian Church came under the influence of the Latin Church in terms of its church structures as well as its theological foundations. It wanted to prove its independence, equal rights and richness of tradition. Arguments in synodical protocols of the Oriental Orthodox Church should be investigated in the context of developing a metropolitan system and an ideology of patriarchate in the Church of Antioch.Evidence were being presented to support the theory that Babylon was not only the sacred land, which gave birth to Abraham, father of faith, but also that the Christian faith was accepted there for the first time.
ISSN: 0860-9411
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