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Title: Principles of comprehensive self-renewal by Stephen R. Covey in the perspective of ancient greek paideía and the ideal of kalokágathía
Authors: Musioł, Anna
Keywords: ancient philosophy; παιδεία; καλοκάγαϑία; self-development; Covey
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: "Zeszyty Naukowe Politechniki Śląskiej. Organizacja i Zarządzanie" z. 140 (2019), s. 221-229
Abstract: Taking into account the ideals of ancient areata ethics (παιδεία and καλοκάγαϑία), the article describes the concept of a comprehensive self-renewal of Stephen R. Covey in four dimensions/spheres of renewal. The first dimension of renewal is related to the physical sphere; the second dimension involves spiritual qualities; the third dimension is of mental/intellectual characteristics; and the fourth dimension addresses community qualities, i.e. socio-emotional values. This contemporary concept is described on the background of the philosophical values of ancient Greece: character development, concern of άρετή and μετάνοια; also broadly understood care for own ψυχή.
DOI: 10.29119/1641-3466.2019.140.18
ISSN: 1641-3466
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