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Title: Mineralogy and organic geochemistry of phyllite from the Dewon-Pokrzywna deposit, the Opava Mountains (SW Poland)
Authors: Sawicka, Natalia
Janeczek, Janusz
Fabiańska, Monika
Bahranowski, Krzysztof
Krzykawski, Tomasz
Matuszewska, Aniela
Keywords: phyllite; chlorite; organic matter; Dewon Quarry; Poland
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: "Geological Quarterly" Vol. 62, iss. 4 (2018), s. 817-828
Abstract: Phyllites from the Dewon–Pokrzywna de posit in the Opava Mts., SW Po land, were in ves ti gated by XRD (Rietveld method), XRF, EPMA, SEM, and ATR-FTIR from the per spec tive of their po ten tial us age as a buffer and/or back fill ma te rial in a geo - log i cal re pos i tory of ra dio ac tive waste. Or ganic mat ter dis persed in the phyllite ma trix was ana lysed by GC-MS. Fine-grained Mg-Fe-mus co vite (13 to 29 wt.%), Fe-ripidolite (10 to 25 wt.%), de tri tal quartz (20 to 46 wt.%), and al bite (7 to 28 wt.%) ± microcline, illite or illite/smectite, and kaolinite are ma jor min er als in phyllite sam ples. The chlorite/mus co vite ra tio ranges from 0.65 to 1.1. Mg-annite in her ited from the pre cur sor rock is a mi nor con stit u ent. De tri tal il men ite is a dom i nant ac ces sory min eral. Ancylite-(Ce) oc curs in quartz-cal cite-ripidolite veins. Two types of phyllite have been dis tin guished based on the pro por tion of phyllosilicates to silt frac tion: ar gil la ceous (47 to 55 wt.% phyllosilicates) and silt-rich (28 wt.% phyllosilicates). Ar gil la ceous phyllite shows el e vated con tent of alu mina and mod er ate con cen tra tion of sil ica. It is highly en riched in Fe com - pared to phyllites from other lo cal i ties world wide. The BET spe cific sur face area of ar gil la ceous phyllite ranges from 1.73 to 3.64 m2/g. Whole-rock chem i cal com po si tion, min eral as sem blages, chlorite geothermometry, and the oc cur rence of aliphatic hy dro car bons sug gest that ar gil la ceous phyllite orig i nated from a pe lagic pelite protolith un der low-tem per a ture (260–370°C) greenschist to subgreenschist fa cies con di tions. Per sis tent biomarkers are in dic a tive of bac te rial deg ra da tion of plank tonic or ganic mat ter sus pended in a high wa ter col umn. En rich ment in Fe-rich chlorite and Mg,Fe-mus co vite, low vol - ume of in ter con nected pores with dom i nant mesopores sug gest that ar gil la ceous phyllite from the Dewon–Pokrzywna de - posit is a po ten tial can di date for a buffer and/or back fill ma te rial.
DOI: 10.7306/gq.1439
ISSN: 1641-7291
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