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Title: Rozumienie Eucharystii wczoraj i dziś
Authors: Żądło, Andrzej
Keywords: Eucharist; theology of the Eucharist; participatio; popular piety
Issue Date: 2006
Citation: Seminare, R. 23 (2006), s. 29-38
Abstract: The article is divided into three parts. First part: “Return to the origin is a way to renew the Eucharistic celebration” brings up an issue of understanding every celebration as an active, real, complete, and spiritual participation whole community of ancient Church. The second part: “Lost characteristic feature of the Eucharist - participatio” presents Eucharis- tic celebration in the light of the ecclesiology in which pastoral activity was reserved only for the clergy and laity was passive. Priests were responsible for leading the laity to salvation through lit- urgy which was perceived by the laity as misterium tremendum. The participation of the laity in the celebration was restricted to popular piety. Whereas priests quietly celebrated Roman Canon, the laity was saying rosary, litanies and singing spiritual songs in national languages. The third part: “The Eucharist - source and summit of ecclesial life” tells us about influence of the Second Vatican Council on proper understanding of the Eucharistic celebration as sacramental sacrifice: thanksgiving, memorial and presence.
ISSN: 1232-8766
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