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Title: Cu-Zn slags from Roros (Norway): a case study of rapid cooling and crystal nucleation
Authors: Warchulski, Rafał
Szopa, Krzysztof
Keywords: Røros; slags; olivine; clinopyroxene; crystallization
Issue Date: 2014
Citation: Contemporary Trends in Geoscience, Vol. 3, iss. 1 (2014), s. 68-75
Abstract: The mining town of Røros located in central Norway was established in 1644 and it is known of historical mining industry related to copper. Røros was designated as an UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1980 on the base of mining culture represented by, e.g., unique wooden architecture. Slag pieces are composed of three parts differing in glass to crystallites ratio. Røros slags are composed of olivine- and pyroxene- group minerals accompanied by sulphides, with glass in the interstices. Temperature gradient and volatiles content were determined as the main factor influencing crystallization process in this material.
DOI: 10.2478/ctg-2014-0024
ISSN: 2084-5707
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