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Title: Параллельный корпус InterCorp в переводной лексикографии
Other Titles: Parallel Corpus InterCorp in Translation Lexicography
Authors: Charciarek, Andrzej
Keywords: translation lexicography; translation; parallel corpus InterCorp; Polish language; Russian language
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: "Opera Slavica (Brno)" (2017), nr 2, s. 5-17
Abstract: This article presents possibilities in which parallel corpora can be applied in translation lexicography. In the past the parallel corpora mostly included literary texts and their translations but this has started to change. It is best illustrated by the InterCorp multilingual corpus which is a part of the Czech National Corpus (ČNK) also including other genres. The appearance of the new genres in the corpus provides new research perspectives on lexicography and translation lexicography in particular. Due to them it is possible to increase the number of translation equivalents, determine the meaning and usage rate of specific lexical units in particular genres, identify idioms and their variations or verify information provided in the existing dictionaries etc. The article also provides specific examples illustrating how parallel corpora can be used in Polish- -Russian translation lexicography.
ISSN: 2336-4459
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