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Tytuł: Lans "a la polonaise" - Jacek Dehnel i Jaś Kapela
Autor: Świeściak, Alina
Słowa kluczowe: Jaś Kapela; Jacek Dehnel; lans; lansowanie
Data wydania: 2010
Wydawca: Katowice : Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Śląskiego
Źródło: D. Nowacki, K. Uniłowski (red.), "Dwadzieścia lat literatury polskiej : 1989-2009. T. 1, cz. 1, Życie literackie po roku 1989" (S. 238-249)
Abstrakt: The article is an analysis of the argument of two young generation poets, Jacek Dehnel and Jaś Kapela, being seemingly on the two sides of a poetical barricade (a high poetry and pop poetry), though in self-representative strategies using similar tricks, i.e. similar methods of disregarding the literature in favour of promoting him/herself as a media star. Creations of a lyrical subject in both cases, though substantially different, are treated by the author of the article as two (finally boiling down to the same) methods of “debodying” the world, cleaning it out of the meaning, in the first case by means of an attempt to recharming the reality, in the second by means of bringing out the mechanism of self-parody. Dehnel, trying to convince us that he is the poet of a modernist subjectivity, attempts to charm the world, fill it with the meaning which is no longer there so he contributes to, as Baudrillard says, a further process of emptying the world from the meaning, multiplication of illusions and levels of simulacrity while Kapela, as an administrator of waste, would be an art representative, which parodies itself, and “vomits with itself”, thus, a postmodern “world debody”.
ISBN: 9788322619230
Pojawia się w kolekcji:Książki/rozdziały (W.Fil.)

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