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Title: "Logos" i "ratio" J. Ratzingera/Benedykta XVI
Authors: Szymik, Jerzy
Keywords: faith and love; anthropology; Christology; J. Ratzinger/Benedict XVI; logos; reason; grace
Issue Date: 2012
Citation: Teologia w Polsce, Vol 6., iss. 1, (2012) s. 5-19
Abstract: In his works, J. Ratzinger/Benedict XVI devotes a lot of attention to the issues of faith and reason, their interdependence, inseparability and necessity. He considers these issues crucial for today’s civilisation, mentality and culture, in which reason remains dormant or blind. By rejecting faith, the present day – paradoxically – narrows human reasoning capabilities. Thus, the Pope calls for the ‘broadening of reason’, i.e. its orienting towards cognition of truth, based on ‘thinking about the world as a whole’. This can be done thanks to faith and love, which enable men to transcend their cognitive limitations. Adequate balance and cooperation between reason and faith protect men either from irrationality of faith or profanity of reason. Whereat, the Pope derives anthropology from Christology: acting in conformity with reason means acting in accordance with Logos. Both faith and reason are signs of grace. Men can discover truth about themselves in Christ.
ISSN: 1732-4572
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