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Title: Samorząd terytorialny Chorzowa w latach 1990-2002
Authors: Tracz, Mariusz
Advisor: Miroszewski, Kazimierz
Wilczok, Katarzyna
Keywords: Chorzów (Polska); samorząd terytorialny - śląskie, województwo
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Katowice : Uniwersytet Śląski
Abstract: In the thesis, the author presents the history of the revived local government of Chorzów during the first three terms of office, i.e. between 1990 and 2002. The content is chronological and dedicated to specific issues. Chapter I discusses the position of local government and local administration in the period of the Polish People’s Republic (PRL) and the Third Republic of Poland (III RP). Chapter II presents the socio-economic situation of Chorzów at the turn of 1989–1990. It discusses the establishment of the Regional Civic Committee “Solidarity” in Chorzów and the election of Anna Knysok as a member of the “contracted” Sejm, as well as the forming of the Chorzów Civic Committee Chorzowski Komitet Obywatelski. Chapter III is dedicated to the first term of office. The results of the local election of 27 May 1990 in Chorzów are discussed, in which the Civic Committee “Solidarity” won 43 out of 45 seats in the City Council. Chapter IV is devoted to the second term of office. The election campaign and the outcome of the local election in Chorzów are outlined. The election was won by the Electoral Committee Wspólnie dla Chorzowa. Chapter V covers the third term of office of the City Council.
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