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Title: Recepcja twórczości Franciszka Karpińskiego w cieszyńskich drukach religijnych - katolickich i ewangelickich w XIX wieku
Authors: Reginek, Antoni
Keywords: Pieśni religijne; Śląsk; Franciszek Karpiński
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Śląskiego
Citation: K. Turek, B. Mika (red.), "Pieśń religijna na Śląsku : stan zachowania i funkcje w kulturze" (S. 32-50). Katowice : Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Śląskiego
Abstract: The collection entitled Pieśni Nabożne [Hymns], published for the first time in Supraśl in 1792 belongs to the most important publications of the religious output of Franciszek Karpiński. These hymns were - apart from numerous typically poetic editions - printed in prayer and songbooks, both Catholic as well as Evangelic. This study is a part of a larger research work into the reception of the religious output of the ‘poet of the heart’, and reveals the response of his hymns and psalms in the printed matters of Cieszyn of the 19th century for both religions. All available sources of texts and melodies are considered in the work, and particularly those of discussed hymns. Fifteen source-transmissions, including four Evangelic ones, were distinguished this way. Moreover, the most important comparative sources of the times were used in the work. The researches confirmed the vivid reception of the religious output of Franciszek Karpiński in the prayer and songbooks of Cieszyn of the 19th century. Eighteen pieces of the forty- -nine-piece collection of the whole collection of Hymns are used in the research work, which constitutes over one-third of the whole collection.The fact of inclusion of the discussed pieces in Evangelic collections, and especially the seven hymns in the Songbook of Heczka, is telling. Kiedy ranne wstają zorze. Boże z twoich rąk tyjemy, Wszystkie nasze dzienne sprawy. Bóg sią rodzi are the most popular songs written by Karpiński. The resource of psalms is mainly associated with Sunday and Virgin Mary vespers, that belong to the Liturgy of Hours of the Catholic Church. Starting from the anonymous Songbook of 1865, the translation of psalms of Karpiński has been consequently included in other songbooks, and were sometimes entitled Nieszpory wierszem ułożone. The annex included in the article presents the detailed results of the research.
ISBN: 8322613695
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