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Title: Neo- and Paleo-Limnological Studies on Diatom and Cladoceran Communities of Subsidence Ponds Affected by Mine Waters (S. Poland)
Authors: Pociecha, Agnieszka
Wojtal, Agata Z.
Szarek-Gwiazda, Ewa
Cieplok, Anna
Ciszewski, Dariusz
Cichoń, Sylwia
Keywords: Zn-Pb mine; subsidence ponds; physico-chemical water variables; subfossil; Cladocera; diatoms; heavy metals; CCA analyses; anthropogenic impact
Issue Date: 2020
Citation: Water, Vol. 12 (2020), Art. No. 1581
Abstract: Plankton assemblages can be altered to di erent degrees by mining. Here, we test how diatoms and cladocerans in ponds along a river in southern Poland respond to the cessation of the long-term Pb-Zn mining. There are two groups of subsidence ponds in the river valley. One of them (DOWN) was contaminated over a period of mining, which ceased in 2009, whereas the other (UP) appeared after the mining had stopped. We used diatoms and cladocerans (complete organisms in plankton and their remains in sediments) to reveal the influence of environmental change on the structure and density of organisms. The water of UP pond was more contaminated by major ions (SO4 2􀀀, Cl􀀀) and nutrients (NO3 􀀀, PO4 3􀀀) than the DOWN ponds. Inversely, concentrations of Zn, Cd, Cu and Pb were significantly higher in sediment cores of DOWN ponds in comparison to those in the UP pond. Ponds during mining had higher diversity of diatoms and cladocerans than the pond formed after the mining had stopped. CCA showed that diatom and cladoceran communities related most significantly to concentrations of Pb in sediment cores. Comparison of diatom and cladoceran communities in plankton and sediment suggests significant recovery of assemblages in recent years and reduction of the harmful e ect of mine-originating heavy metals. Some features of ponds such as the rate of water exchange by river flow and the presence of water plants influenced plankton communities more than the content of dissolved heavy metals.
DOI: 10.3390/w12061581
ISSN: 2073-4441
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