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Title: Psychometric evaluation of the Polish version of the Support in Intimate Relationships Rating Scale – Revised (SIRRS-R)
Authors: Ilska, Michalina
Przybyła-Basista, Hanna
Keywords: psychometric properties; questionnaire; partner support; received social support
Issue Date: 2020
Citation: "Current Issues in Personality Psychology " Vil. 8, iss. 2 (2020), s. 139-153
Abstract: Background Researchers are interested in studies on the importance of partner support for both the well-being of the individual in various life contexts and the marital satisfaction. The current study examined the psychometric properties of the Support in Intimate Rela-tionships Rating Scale – Revised (SIRRS-R) developed by Barry, Bunde, Brock, and Lawrence with a Polish sample. Participants and procedure The sample consisted of a total of 574 people in close heterosexual relationships, diverse in terms of age, sex, and education. Half of the participants were married and the other half in informal relationships, cohabiting with their partners. The duration of the relationship varied, with the average of 7 years. Results The results of the present research indicate satisfactory psychometric properties of the Polish version of the SIRRS-R. Our find-ings confirm the four-factor structure of support received from the partner proposed in the original version of the SIRRS-R. The questionnaire consists of four subscales: emotional and esteem support, informational support, physical comfort, and instrumen-tal or tangible support. The Cronbach’s α reliability for the whole scale is .94 (for the subscales it ranged from .85 to .92). Conclusions The Polish version of the SIRRS-R is a valid and reliable questionnaire suitable for use in research on the importance of partner support for physical and mental health of individuals in many contexts of life associated with stress, and for identifying factors contributing to marital satisfaction.
DOI: 10.5114/cipp.2020.94261
ISSN: 2353-561X
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