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Title: Obraz rodziny w gruzińskich i polskich podręcznikach do nauki języka ojczystego : studium porównawcze
Authors: Akopova-Krzaczyńska, Karina
Advisor: Krzyżyk, Danuta
Keywords: rodzina; lingwistyka kognitywna; językowy obraz świata; kulturowy obraz świata; podręczniki szkolne; wartości (jezykoznawstwo); język gruziński; język polski
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Katowice : Uniwersytet Śląski
Abstract: The undertaken studies have been aimed at reconstructing the image of family emerging from handbooks of Georgian language and literature Polish language and literature. In the theoretical part, the author refers to cognitive linguistics - the language picture of the world, the hierarchy of values in Polish and Georgian culture, the model of the Polish and Georgian family, and then to school handbooks - for their functions, structure, requirements on the part of the Polish and Georgian education system. The analytical part draws attention to the family model embedded in school handbooks, way of raising children, everyday life of the household members, relations between next of kin (husband - wife, parents - children, grandparents - grandchildren) and persons in the family circle (family - neighbours, family - guests), as well as the functions performed by the family members (economic, socialization, caring and educational). Author refers to the differences and similarities between the Georgian and Polish handbook’s family. Indicates whether the handbooks portrayal of family strengthens or transgress the existing stereotypical conceptions of family.
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