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Title: "Education for Tomorrow" in the New Polish Order : images of the Postmonocentric Global Society
Authors: Radziewicz-Winnicki, Andrzej
Wilk, Teresa
Keywords: education for tomorrow; transformation
Issue Date: 2006
Citation: "The New Educational Review" 2006, no. 1, s. 13-27
Abstract: In the past decade, the inventory of concepts from the sphere of educational, social and political writings has been enriched with the new concept of the role of education in the post-communist transformation in Poland and other countries of Middle and Eastern Europe. Polish membership in the European Union has contained a long list of various ocial, cultural, education and/or political problems related to Polish accession to the European Community. In recent years aft er the events of 1989, until the Polish accession to the EU, a mismatch between the system of education and the system of market economy has become a universal phenomenon in Poland. Unfortunately, there are also signs indicating that the educational expansion does not mean a superior role of the human factor in the socio-economic development of society. As a result, the young generation manifest dissatisfaction and very oft en frustration generated by their diffi culties in fulfi lling their social and professional aspirations. Th is paper discusses selected social aspects and consequences of increased possibilities of transforming educational and economic reality in Post-communist Poland, at the time of the global asymmetry. Constant search for solutions to the problem of young people’s successful preparation for work and life in the market economy of the 21st century, as well as for their profi ciency in maintaining contacts with fi nancial institutions constitutes focal interest of this draft . It includes analyses of the possible development of social infrastructure, which is bound to shape ‘the education for tomorrow’.
ISSN: 1732-6729
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