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Title: Ludzkie cierpienie Boga : antropomorfizm przekroczony?
Authors: Strzelczyk, Grzegorz
Keywords: chrystologia; cierpienie Boga
Issue Date: 2012
Citation: Studia Bobolanum, Nr 3 (2012), s. 61-72
Abstract: The article draws attention to the consequences that a careful study of christological problems, connected with the phenomenon of communicatio idiomatum, might have for the discussion on the suffering of God. The above mentioned perspective requires consistent thinking in the category of differentiating between nature and hypostasis what constitutes the specifics of Christian thinking and pronouncing about God outside the traditional monotheism. Communicatio idiomatum expresses, apart from its purely linguistic aspect, the ontological affinity of all properties of the human nature with the hypostasis of the Son-Logos. Therefore the ability to accept the suffering nature is the ability of the divine hypostasis and as such should have its roots in the divine nature. The doctrine of the hypostatic union opens the path of transgressing a purely anthropomorphic statement about God and the ability to suffer also in the sense that at least one of the hypostasis “has” the ability to suffer in the created nature realised in the incarnation – but it cannot be excluded that it is a common ability (co-natural) for all the three hypostasis, which in this sense reaches the level of the divine nature.
ISSN: 1642-5650
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