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Title: Influence of oxide glass modifiers on the structural and spectroscopic properties of phosphate glasses for visible and near-infrared photonic applications
Authors: Kuwik, Marta
Pisarska, Joanna
Pisarski, Wojciech A.
Keywords: phosphate glass; structure; oxide modifier; visible luminescence; 1.5 um emission
Issue Date: 2020
Citation: "Materials" Vol. 13, iss. 21 (2020), art. no. 4746
Abstract: The e ect of oxide modifiers on multiple properties (structural and spectroscopic) of phosphate glasses with molar composition 60P2O5-(10􀀀x)Ga2O3-30MO-xEu2O3 and 60P2O5- (10􀀀y)Ga2O3-30MO-yEr2O3 (where M = Ca, Sr, Ba; x = 0, 0.5; y = 0, 1) were systematically examined and discussed. The local structure of systems was evidenced by the infrared (IR-ATR) and Raman spectroscopic techniques. The spectroscopic behaviors of the studied glass systems were determined based on analysis of recorded spectra (excitation and emission) as well as luminescence decay curves. Intense red and near-infrared emissions (1.5 m) were observed for samples doped with Eu3+ and Er3+ ions, respectively. It was found that the value of fluorescence intensity ratio R/O related to 5D0!7F2 (red) and 5D0!7F1 (orange) transition of Eu3+ ions depends on the oxide modifiers MO in the glass host. However, no clear influence of glass modifiers on the luminescence linewidth (FWHM) was observed for phosphate systems doped with Er3+ ions. Moreover, the 5D0 and 4I13/2 luminescence lifetimes of Eu3+ and Er3+ ions increase with the increasing ionic radius of M2+ (M = Ca, Sr, Ba) in the host matrix. The obtained results suggest the applicability of the phosphate glasses with oxide modifiers as potential red and near-infrared photoluminescent materials in photonic devices.
DOI: 10.3390/ma13214746
ISSN: 1996-1944
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