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Title: Suitability of Immobilized Systems for Microbiological Degradation of Endocrine Disrupting Compounds
Authors: Wojcieszyńska, Danuta
Marchlewicz, Ariel
Guzik, Urszula
Keywords: EDCs; hormones; degradation; immobilization; microorganisms
Issue Date: 2020
Citation: "Molecules" Vol. 25, iss. 19 (2020), art. no 4473
Abstract: The rising pollution of the environment with endocrine disrupting compounds has increased interest in searching for new, e ective bioremediation methods. Particular attention is paid to the search for microorganisms with high degradation potential and the possibility of their use in the degradation of endocrine disrupting compounds. Increasingly, immobilized microorganisms or enzymes are used in biodegradation systems. This review presents the main sources of endocrine disrupting compounds and identifies the risks associated with their presence in the environment. The main pathways of degradation of these compounds by microorganisms are also presented. The last part is devoted to an overview of the immobilization methods used for the purposes of enabling the use of biocatalysts in environmental bioremediation.
DOI: 10.3390/molecules25194473
ISSN: 1420-3049
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