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Title: Humanistyczny rdzeń pedagogiki : czytając "Politykę wrażliwości" Michała Pawła Markowskiego
Authors: Maliszewski, Krzysztof
Keywords: the humanities; Bildung; sensitivity; existence; language of public sphere
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: Chowanna, T. 1, (2017), s. 177-195
Abstract: Polityka wrażliwości. Wprowadzenie do humanistyki by Michał Paweł Markowski is the book which is an ally for pedagogues in making dense their own discipline. It is worth reading his text as an inspiring story about one of the most important education issues: the formation of sensibility. It is also an important voice for self‑ awareness of the humanities. The author of this article based on Markowski’s book emphasizes the existential dimension of pedagogics and education and demands a complicated scientific concept, arguing against the idea that the humanities is not a science. He justifies the belief that creative resistance against the appropriation of the language and institutions by the managerial jargon is possible based on the tradition of Bildung.
ISSN: 2353-9682
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