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Title: "No walk - no work" : o związku sztuki i podróży
Authors: Skutnik, Jolanta
Keywords: World art; critical art; artistic travel; travelling artist
Issue Date: 2012
Citation: Turystyka Kulturowa, 2012, nr 6, s. 28-41
Abstract: The idea of artistic travel and a travelling artist is not a new phenomenon in the history of art, similarly to the relation between art and nature. However, modern artistic experience defines this relation more deeply than it may seem in general overview. A travelling artist (among other experiences) is a witness of Otherness. Experiencing Otherness in various forms of artistic travel becomes the essence of their art and the drive for their inner change. Therefore, considering the value of artistic activities as travel or travel-inspired should be moved from the aesthetic sphere to the ethic sphere as well. Then the assessment and meaning of such creative activity will undergo major revaluation. The artistic activities and attitudes of Richard Long, Krzysztof Wodiczka and Sławomir Brzoska presented in the article seem to support the thesis.
ISSN: 1689-4642
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