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Title: Leśmianowska nauka o domu : rozważania na marginesie wiersza ***Mrok na schodach. Pustka w domu...
Other Titles: Leśmian’s Oikos. Reflections on the Margin of the Poem *** Mrok na schodach. Pustka w domu...
Authors: Kokoszka, Magdalena
Keywords: oikos; home; Bolesław Leśmian
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: "Białostockie Studia Literaturoznawcze" T. 9 (2016), s. 83-93
Abstract: The article interprets Leśmian’s poetic figure of home. It indicates emptiness, the sense of mourning after losing oneself, but paradoxically it also denotes renewal of life energy and the source of vitality. Here the lexical items such as “strangeness”, “alienation” and “emptiness” interact to form the fundamental concept of home. The author investigates the tensions between the contradictory states of existential uncertainty and the desire to be “at home” and to belong somewhere. Finally, Leśmian’s works illustrate the conviction that in this destabilized world it is through relating to others that we find stability, if only temporarily.
DOI: 10.15290/bsl.2016.09.06
ISSN: 2082-9701
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