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Tytuł: Miłosierny Samarytanin w refleksji teologicznej Josepha Ratzingera/Bendykta XVI
Autor: Lwowski, Andrzej
Słowa kluczowe: Benedict XVI; Good Samaritan; Benedykt XVI; miłosierny Samarytanin
Data wydania: 2018
Wydawca: Katowice : Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Śląskiego
Źródło: P. Sawa (red. nauk.), "Miłosierdzie : próba spojrzenia interdyscyplinarnego". (S. 112-128). Katowice : Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Śląskiego.
Abstrakt: In his interview with Jaques Servais the pope Benedict XVI spoke in a very positive way about the fact that pope Francis preaches so often about God’s mercy. Commenting on this pastoral method, he said that the story of the Good Samaritan is especially attractive for a modern man. According to him, it stems from the inner desire of the heart to meet the Good Samaritan who will take care of him and lead him to safety. In the end, this is a desire to experience God’s mercy and loving care. This article looks at other teachings of Joseph Ratzinger/Benedict XVI on the parable of the Good Samaritan. The pope invites us to set out on the way of forming our hearts by asking ourselves “How to live?” After cleaning up our relationships of love with God and with other people we should stop analyzing who do I own love and become neighbors to others. The process of shaping our hearts will be complete once our hearts become “the heart that sees”. Sees the needs of others and notices the spiritual poverty. In both of those situations the Christian who lives the program of the Good Samaritan will try to fulfill those needs.
ISBN: 978-83-226-3423-3
Pojawia się w kolekcji:Książki/rozdziały (W.Teol)

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