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Title: Fluoroindate glass co-doped with Yb3+/Ho3+ as a 2.85 μm luminescent source for MID-IR sensing
Authors: Kochanowicz, Marcin
Żmojda, Jacek
Baranowska, Agata
Kuwik, Marta
Starzyk, Bartłomiej
Leśniak, Magdalena
Miluski, Piotr
Pisarski, Wojciech A.
Pisarska, Joanna
Dorosz, Jan
Ferrari, Maurizio
Dorosz, Dominik
Keywords: fluoroindate glass; luminescence MID-IR; CO2 sensing; Yb3+/Ho3+
Issue Date: 2021
Citation: "Sensors" 2021, iss. 6, art. no. 2155
Abstract: This work reports on the fabrication and analysis of near-infrared and mid-infrared luminescence spectra and their decays in fluoroindate glasses co-doped with Yb3+/Ho3+. The attention has been paid to the analysis of the Yb3+ ! Ho3+ energy transfer processed ions in fluoroindate glasses pumped by 976 nm laser diode. The most effective sensitization for 2 um luminescence has been obtained in glass co-doped with 0.8YbF3/1.6HoF3. Further study in the midinfrared spectral range (2.85 um) showed that the maximum emission intensity has been obtained in fluoroindate glass co-doped with 0.1YbF3/1.4HoF3. The obtained efficiency of Yb3+ ! Ho3+ energy transfer was calculated to be up to 61% (0.8YbF3/1.6HoF3), which confirms the possibility of obtaining an efficient glass or glass fiber infrared source for a MID-infrared (MID-IR) sensing application.
DOI: 10.3390/s21062155
ISSN: 1424-8220
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