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Title: Klasa integracyjna jako przystań pograniczy
Authors: Gajdzica, Zenon
Keywords: integrated education; learner with disability; borderlands; edukacja integracyjna; uczeń z niepełnosprawnością; pogranicza
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: "Teraźniejszość. Człowiek. Edukacja", (2015), nr 4, s. 117-127
Abstract: The issues of integrated education have been subjected to a lot of scientific exploration, which has given rise to many descriptions grounded on it as well as separated from it. Yet, what is missing are the disputes focused on the attempts at interpreting and explaining the identified difficulties occurring in this form of education and conducted with the application of concepts borrowed from other disciplines than pedagogy and special pedagogy. The presented study aims at viewing the environment of integrated education in the perspective of borderlands. This allows for a broader, social perspective in which the discussed form is seen. The concepts of borderlands may not only help to explain the processes taking place within them but also encourage to use the models of enhancing integration processes described by borderland sociology and intercultural education.
ISSN: 1505-8808
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