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Tytuł: Alterations in religious rituals due to COVID-19 could be related to intragroup negativity: a case of changes in receiving holy communion in the Roman Catholic community in Poland
Autor: Moroń, Marcin
Biolik-Moroń, Magdalena
Matuszewski, Krzysztof
Słowa kluczowe: alteration of ritual; religion; COVID-19
Data wydania: 2021
Źródło: "Religions" (2021), iss. 4, art. no. 240, s. 1-22
Abstrakt: The COVID-19 pandemic has affected various domains of everyday life, including important religious rituals. In the Roman Catholic Church in Poland, the reception of Holy Communion was substantially altered. The suggestion of the Polish Episcopal Conference and diocesan bishops was to receive Holy Communion on the hand during the pandemic, while receiving on the tongue had been the default form before the pandemic. The present studies investigated whether alterations in the form of receiving Holy Communion during the pandemic resulted in intragroup negativity. A total of 376 Polish Roman Catholics participated in two online studies. The most ambivalent emotions toward their religious community were experienced by the followers who recognized reception of Holy Communion on the hand only. Intergroup bias occurred within the “hand only” and the “mouth only” groups and consisted in out-group favoritism (within the “hand only”) and out-group derogation (“mouth only”) in their perception of religious orientation. Intergroup empathy bias occurred in the “hand only” and “spiritual reception” groups, which reported less empathy toward those of the out-group (“mouth only”) infected with SARS-CoV-2. The highest legitimacy of the Church authority was agreed upon by the supporters of both forms of receiving Holy Communion.
DOI: 10.3390/rel12040240
ISSN: 2077-1444
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