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Title: Tracing Pre-Mesozoic Tectonic Sutures in the Crystalline Basement of the Protocarpathians : evidence from the Exotic Blocks from Subsilesian Nappe, Outer Western Carpathians, Poland
Authors: Golonka, Jan
Gawęda, Aleksandra
Waśkowska, Anna
Chew, David
Drakou, Foteini
Keywords: exotic blocks; U-Pb zircon dating; Subsilesian Nappe; Outer Western Carpathians
Issue Date: 2021
Citation: "Minerals (Basel)" Vol. 11, iss. 6 (2021), art. no. 571
Abstract: Pre-Mesozoic exotic crystalline blocks within the Outer Carpathian flysch have potential to unravel the nature of their eroded basement source(s) and to reconstruct the Paleozoic–Precambrian history of the rotocarpathians. Strongly tectonized Campanian–Maastrichtian grey marls in the Subsilesian Nappe of the OuterWestern Carpathians in Poland contain a variety of different lithology types, including granitoids and andesites. Petrological investigations coupled with zircon and apatite U-Pb dating were performed on crystalline (subvolcanic) exotic blocks from a locality in the Subsilesian Nappe. U-Pb zircon dating yields magmatic crystallization ages of c. 293 Ma for the microgranitoid and c. 310 Ma for the andesite block, with inherited zircon cores yielding Archean, Paleoproterozoic, Mesoproterozoic and Cadomian ages. Whole rock trace element and Nd isotope data imply that the melt source was composed of a significant Neoproterozoic crustal component in both the microgranite and andesite. The Late Carboniferous–Permian magmatic activity likely continues outside the Carpathian Belt and can be linked to a Late Paleozoic transtensional zone, which is a continuation of the Lubliniec–Kraków Zone that extends under the Carpathians to Moesia. This Late Paleozoic transtensional zone was probably reactivated during the Late Cretaceous under a transpressional regime within the Z˙ egocina tectonic zone, which caused the uplift of the Subsilesian Ridge and intensive erosion.
DOI: 10.3390/min11060571
ISSN: 2075-163X
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