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Title: The course of birch pollen seasons in Sosnowiec (Southern Poland) in 1997-2020 in relation to meteorological conditions
Authors: Dąbrowska-Zapart, Katarzyna
Niedźwiedź, Tadeusz
Keywords: Birch pollen; Betula; Weather conditions; Statistical analysis
Issue Date: 2021
Citation: "Aerobiologia", Vol. 0, iss. 0, 2021, s. 1-20
Abstract: The study's main objective was to specify the extent to which weather conditions were related to the course of birch pollen seasons in the years 1997–2020. The impact of atmospheric conditions on the daily concentrations of birch pollen grains, the Annual pollen integral (APIn), and the length of pollen seasons were studied. The dependency between each meteorological condition and various features of the birch pollen season was determined using Spearman’s rho correlation, the Kruskal–Wallis test, and cluster analysis with the k-means method. It has been shown that the duration of sunshine and average air temperature occurring within 14 days preceding the season has the most significant influence on the beginning of a birch pollen season. The value of daily birch pollen concentrations in Sosnowiec showed a statistically significant positive correlation with the duration of sunlight and the average and maximum wind speed. The daily concentration also depended on the synoptic situation: the mass airflow direction, the type of air mass inflow, and the type of weather front. The near-ground temperature influenced the APIn of birch pollen grains during the period of 14 days before the beginning of the season and the meteorological conditions occurring in the summer of the preceding year such as the maximum temperature, duration of sunlight, the maximum and average wind speed, and the relative air humidity. It was concluded that the length of birch pollen seasons decreased year by year.
DOI: 10.1007/s10453-021-09734-3
ISSN: 0393-5965
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