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Title: Granice synonimii a praktyka leksykograficzna
Authors: Grybosiowa, Antonina
Kleszczowa, Krystyna
Keywords: synonym; lexicography
Issue Date: 1994
Citation: Biuletyn Polskiego Towarzystwa Językoznawczego, Z. 50 (1994), s. 85-90
Abstract: Lexicographic practice illustrates numerous cliscrepancies in the comprehension of synonym. This is the reason why dictionaries of synonyms are often clifferent in terrns of their con tent. The article is a brief analysis of various kin ds of synonyrns. The first type is basecl on referential unity. The authors believe that establishing limits for synonymity unclerstoocl in this way is irnpossible. In the second type, equivalence of sentences was distinguished. Some of them can be described by means of syntax, others seem to be unpredictable. Lexical synonymity embraces those elements which can be substituted without violating the sense of the w hole sentence construction. It is these units that ought to be contained in a dictionary of synonyms. The words referred to as synonymous can be regarded as representing abso­lute synonymity, if they are analysed in a context w ich is broader than minimum. Therefore, the authors postulate that a dictionary of synonyms should take into account a wicler contextual background, hence extending the bounclaries of syno­nymy (understood in a ver narrow sense).
ISSN: 0032-3802
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