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Tytuł: Predylekcje do twórczości codziennej i ryzyko osamotnienia młodzieży - ramowy model teoretyczny i diagnoza stanu w obszarze zjawisk
Autor: Łączyk, Małgorzata
Słowa kluczowe: loneliness; daily creativity; adolescence
Data wydania: 2011
Źródło: Chowanna, 2011, t. 1, s. 227-244
Abstrakt: The article consists of theoretical and empirical parts. In the first part, the meaning of everyday creativity in human development has been discussed. Furthermore, the determinants of the loneliness among teenagers have been reflected on. Loneliness is treated as a risk factor, which, unfortunately, is in some way part of everybody’s course of life. The most critical, in this respect, is the adolescence. It’s characterized on the one hand, by enormous dualism of needs, motives and expectations, and on the other, by an aim, which would be a development of somebody’s personality, establishment of priorities. Going through this stage of development involves the risk of loneliness. But it seems it’s experienced differently by people with varying levels of predilections towards behaviours defining everyday creativity. Presumably, we cannot assume a coincidence of those occurrences, and with such intention — to explain its bases, the theoretical part of this study has been created. In turn, research on teenagers has been presented in empirical part of the article. It allows us to carefully conclude, on the one hand, inclination of young people towards creativity (in subjective manner), and later, their attitude towards loneliness and the risk of solitude.
ISSN: 0137-706X
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