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Title: Ovaries and testes of Lithobius forficatus (Myriapoda, Chilopoda) react differently to the presence of cadmium in the environment
Authors: Poprawa, Izabela
Chajec, Łukasz
Chachulska-Żymełka, Alina
Wilczek, Grażyna
Student, Sebastian
Leśniewska, Małgorzata
Rost-Roszkowska, Magdalena
Keywords: xenobiotics; ovaries; testes; Lithobius forficatus; cadmium in the environment
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Scientific Reports, Vol. 12, (2022), art. no. 6705
Abstract: Proper reproduction depends on properly functioning gonads (ovaries and testes). Many xenobiotics, including heavy metals, can cause changes in somatic and germ line cells, thus damaging the reproductive capacity. The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of the heavy metal cadmium on the gonads, including germ line and somatic cells. It is important to determine whether cell death processes are triggered in both types of cells in the gonads, and which gonads are more sensitive to the presence of cadmium in the environment. The research was conducted on the soil-dwelling arthropod Lithobius forficatus (Myriapoda, Chilopoda), which is common for European fauna. Animals were cultured in soil supplemented with Cd for different periods (short- and long-term treatment). Gonads were isolated and prepared for qualitative and quantitative analysis, which enabled us to describe all changes which appeared after both the short- and long-term cadmium treatment. The results of our study showed that cadmium affects the structure and ultrastructure of both gonads in soil-dwelling organisms including the activation of cell death processes. However, the male germ line cells are more sensitive to cadmium than female germ line cells. We also observed that germ line cells are protected by the somatic cells of both gonads.
DOI: 10.1038/s41598-022-10664-4
ISSN: 2045-2322
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