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Title: Internetowe narzędzia w nauczaniu języka polskiego jako obcego : analiza przydatności
Authors: Moiseienko, Natalia
Advisor: Tambor, Jolanta
Kalisz, Aleksandra
Keywords: nauczanie wspomagane komputerowo; nauczanie na odległość; internet w edukacji; nauczanie języka polskiego jako obcego; aplikacje mobilne; pomoce dydaktyczne
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Katowice : Uniwersytet Śląski
Abstract: This dissertation presents the current state of research on the use of contemporary technologies and media in education, especially in teaching Polish as a foreign language. In the first chapter the attention was focused on the way media are used by particular generations. The considerations contained in this paragraph also oscillated around the media environment, challenges facing contemporary education and teaching Polish as a foreign language in the face of new media. The second chapter presents the tools designed for online teaching, and describes how they can be used in classes of Polish as a foreign language. The tools described here are grouped as follows: mobile applications for learning foreign languages, among which one can choose Polish language, websites designed for learning Polish, websites for creating essays, websites and applications for creating quizzes and tests, mobile applications for communicating in the language that is being taught, mobile applications and websites about culture (including Polish culture), websites for creating multimedia presentations, multimedia whiteboards and YouTube, especially Polish-language channels that can be used during classes. The third chapter was devoted to the surveys conducted. It was divided into three subsections, which are focused on learners of Polish language, learners who were learning to teach Polish or improving their competencies in teaching Polish as a foreign language, and professionals who had been teaching Polish at a Polish university for a long time. Each subsection is consisted of a survey conducted before the presentation of the online tools, after the presentation of the online tools, and the last two subsections additionally discussed the results of the surveys conducted after the pandemic-induced remote teaching. The aim of the study was not only to introduce modern technologies used in the field of teaching Polish as a foreign language, but also to analyze the attitude of teachers and learners towards such tools.
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