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Title: The Zn1−xPbxCr2Se4-Single Crystals Obtained by Chemical Vapour Transport-Structure and Magnetic, Electrical, and Thermal Properties
Authors: Jendrzejewska, Izabela
Groń, Tadeusz
Kusz, Joachim
Stokłosa, Zbigniew
Pietrasik, Ewa
Goryczka, Tomasz
Sawicki, Bogdan
Goraus, Jerzy
Jampilek, Josef
Duda, Henryk
Witkowska-Kita, Beata
Keywords: chalcogenides; X-ray study; magnetic and electrical properties; specific heat; thermal analysis
Issue Date: 2022
Citation: "Materials" (2022), vol. 15, iss. 15, art. no. 5289
Abstract: Monocrystalline chalcogenide spinels ZnCr2Se4 are antiferromagnetic and semiconductor materials. They can be used to dope or alloy with related semiconducting spinels. Therefore, their Pb-doped display is expected to have unique properties and new potential applications. This paper presents the results of dc and ac magnetic measurements, including the critical fields visible on the magnetisation isotherms, electrical conductivity, and specific heat of the ZnCr2S4:Pb single crystals. These studies showed that substituting the diamagnetic Pb ion with a large ion radius for the Zn one leads to strong short-range ferromagnetic interactions in the entire temperature range and spin fluctuations in the paramagnetic region at Hdc = 50 kOe.
DOI: 10.3390/ma15155289
ISSN: 1996-1944
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