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Title: Kariera Henryka (Heinka) z Głubczyc : przyczynek do badań nad otoczeniem księcia opawsko-raciborskiego Mikołaja II Przemyślidy
Authors: Halmer, Damian
Keywords: biografia Henryka z Głubczyc; Polska średniowiecze
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Śląskiego
Citation: Średniowiecze Polskie i Powszechne, T. 4 (2012), s. 113-127
Abstract: The very text is an attempt to reconstruct a biography of Henryk (Heinko, Hynek) from Głubczyce, a townsman who was one of the most trusted advisors in the Opawa Duchy and, next, in the Racibórz Duchy, during the reign of Mikołaj Przemyślid II. The person of Henryk from Głubczyce is extremely valuable in order to learn the processes of shaping the prince’s surrounding of the first Przemyślid dynasty, especially at the court of Mikołaj II. The first years of his ruling are characterised by the lack of an educated political surrounding, while the prince himself used to spend most of his time with Jan Luxembourg, accompanying him in his political and military trips. Later on, however, the prince started devoting more time to domestic affairs of the duchy, and, then, the representatives of local gentry and bourgeoisie started to appear around him as his witnesses. Among those witnessing the documents were most often knight Henryk Hoberk and his namesake, a townsman from Głubczyce. After the Opawa and Racibórz Duchy had been joined together, the latter was definitely in the first place, being the only townsman to be found first in testation. His special role can be proved by the fact that the prince called him consiliari. The very text, apart from presenting the person of Henryk and heritage he left, a lot of attention has been paid to a description of goods and private foundations he possessed. The emphasis was also put on relationships with Franciszek from Prague, a protonotary, and Jan from Głubczyce who might have been Henryk’s protégé or relative.
ISSN: 2080-492X
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