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Title: Fixed point results for the complex fractal generation in the S -iteration orbit with s -convexity
Authors: Gdawiec, Krzysztof
Shahid, Abdul Aziz
Keywords: itration schemes; Julia set; Mandelbrot set; escape criterion
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Open Journal of Mathematical Sciences, 2(1), 56-72, (2018)
Abstract: Since the introduction of complex fractals by Mandelbrot they gained much attention by the researchers. One of the most studied complex fractals are Mandelbrot and Julia sets. In the literature one can find many generalizations of those sets. One of such generalizations is the use of the results from fixed point theory. In this paper we introduce in the generation process of Mandelbrot and Julia sets a combination of the S-iteration, known from the fixed point theory, and the s-convex combination. We derive the escape criteria needed in the generation process of those fractals and present some graphical examples.
DOI: 10.30538/oms2018.0017
ISSN: 2616-4906
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