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Title: Konflikty "człowiek - przyroda" w polskich parkach narodowych: zarys problemu
Authors: Hibszer, Adam
Keywords: National parks; Nature protection
Issue Date: 2008
Citation: Geographia. Studia et Dissertationes, T. 30 (2008), s. 29-46
Abstract: National parks being the highest form of spatial natural protection in Poland- are the place of the occurrence of different conflicts between the nature and man. In fact these conflicts function between man and man and the nature is only the object of these disputes. The essence of these conflicts is the contradiction in business between different sides functioning in the park area. But the primary problem is here the contradiction in business between forms of human activity (mainly between the nature protection and economical human activity). Investigating on the former and present disputable situations (identification of conflicts), studying of their reasons and effects can be helpful in the solving of conflicts and preventing from originating of new disputable situations. Material for research for the paper was collected by the author during his stays in national parks in the years 2003 2005. To investigate occurring here disputes on the line: the nature protection economical human activity interviews with park officials were carried out and in the places of seats of park head office the review of protocols from sessions of park council from the last years was made. In the paper the author made the attempt to make the typology of conflicts in the Polish National Parks as well as he presented 7 examples of different types pf such conflicts. The essential elements of this study are suggestions concerning conflict prevention. Apart from legal aspects, resulting from the Law of the nature protection, among them social participation and ecological education were also numbered.
ISSN: 0208-5054
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