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Title: Kimmeridgian hardground-sequence boundary from the Mesozoic margin of the Holy Cross Mountains (central Poland): implications for the evolution of the northern Tethyan carbonate shelf
Authors: Krajewski, Marcin
Olchowy, Piotr
Zatoń, Michał
Bajda, Tomasz
Keywords: Borings; Encrustations; Hardground; Late Jurassic; Platform evolution; Poland; Seismites; Synsedimentary tectonics
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: Facies, Vol. 63, iss. 3 (2017), art. no. 15, s. 1-15
Abstract: The sedimentary succession in central Poland records significant changes in facies at the turn of the Planula and Platynota zones in the Upper Jurassic, expressed by the drowning of the ramp-type platform and development of an extensive isochronous marl horizon. The topmost level of the marl horizon is a regional hardground, which is interpreted as the third-order sequence boundary Kim 1. In some areas, the hardground was eroded and is only preserved as bored and encrusted clasts. The composition of the borings may indicate that colonization and recolonization of the clasts took place in an extremely shallow water environment. The overall low level diversity of clast-encrusting organisms and their occurrence on both sides of clasts indicates frequent overturning and high current activity. However, other extrinsic factors, such as salinity fluctuations, may have been involved. The final redeposition and burial of the clasts were related to subsidence through widespread reactivation of Paleozoic faults. Comparison with Middle Oxfordian–Lower Kimmeridgian sequences of central and southern Poland indicates that the carbonate ramp morphology and paleoenvironmental conditions were periodically subjected to significant modification during phases of extensional tectonics, with the development of fault-controlled intra-platform ridges and basins. These features may have been the NE continuation of parallel swells and basins developed in the southern part of the carbonate platform adjacent to the Tethys.
DOI: 10.1007/s10347-017-0496-x
ISSN: 0172-9179
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