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Title: Invariant coordinates in breakup reactions : three nucleon force effects
Authors: Skwira-Chalot, I.
Ciepał, I.
Kistryn, St.
Kozela, A.
Parol, W.
Stephan, Elżbieta
Keywords: breakup reaction; Three Nucleon Force Effects; Invariant Coordinates
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: Few-Body Systems, Vol. 58, iss. 2 (2017), art. no. 93, s. 1-5
Abstract: Systematic experimental studies of few-nucleon systems expose various dynamical ingredients which play an important role in correct description of observables, such as three-nucleon force, Coulomb force and relativistic effects. A large set of existing experimental data for 1H(d, pp) n reaction allows for systematic investigations of these dynamical effects, which vary with energy and appear with different strength in certain observables and phase space regions. Moreover, systematic comparisons with exact theoretical calculations, done in variables related to the system dynamics in a possibly direct ways is a very important tool to verify and improve the existing description of the nucleon interaction. Examples of experimental data for a breakup reaction, transformed to the variables based on Lorentz-invariants are compared with modern theoretical calculations.
DOI: 10.1007/s00601-017-1252-z
ISSN: 0177-7963
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