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Tytuł: Literatura w terapii dzieci - warsztaty otwarte
Autor: Bautsz-Sontag, Anna
Słowa kluczowe: bajkoterapia; biblioterapia; psychoterapia dziecięca; literatura terapeutyczna
Data wydania: 2015
Wydawca: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Śląskiego
Abstrakt: The publication constitutes a continuation of the previous book by the same author, Literature and Children’s Therapy. The author reflects on the nature of the bibliotherapeutic work she engages in as a psychologist and psychotherapist. She points to the fundamental elements of the bibliotherapeutic process, i.e. development of a therapeutic relationship, construction of understanding in the therapeutic process, as well as development of the therapeutic change. The author emphasises that bibliotherapy, even though centred around the literary text, has its basis in the therapeutic relationship, and should be, therefore, characterised by regularity and reliability of the bibliotherapeutic sessions as well as the constancy regarding the person of the therapist–one who knows and understands the patient undergoing bibliotherapy. Having established the basic premises regarding the type of therapy which utilises literature as a therapeutic tool, the author presents two types of practices: biblio-educational as well as biblio-therapeutic sensu stricto, aiming to clarify the differences between the them. The first chapter focuses on thorough discussion of the contemporary branches of bibliotherapy. The author attempts a subjective overview and assessment of various texts used in bibliotherapy, including therapeutic tales, children’s stories, and fairytales. In the second chapter–crucial to understand the essence of the author’s argument–the author presents three aspects of therapeutic work: understanding, relationship, and change. The author not only defines and discusses these aspects, but also emphasises their importance for the overall effectiveness of therapeutic work. In the third chapter, the author’s focus shifts to the way in which the general therapeutic guidelines can be applied to bibliotherapy. Thus, she explains the ways in which understanding, relationship and change all constitute vital parts of the bibliotherapeutic process. The publication contains also a practical part–in chapter four, the author proposes the idea of bibliotherapeutic open workshops. The form of the open workshop is based upon the principles of intersemiotic translation. This process is explained and presented in the publication on the basis of a sample outline of such an open workshop, aimed both at children as well as adults. The publication is best characterised by its twofold focus: first, on the theoretical framework of contemporary bibliotherapy; and second, on the practicalapplication of these principles of bibliotherapy, based upon the author’s own experience in her therapeutic work with patients. The book is recommended to both those who practice bibliotherapy in their professional capacity, as well as all those who are simply interested in bibliotherapy.
ISBN: 9788380127593
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